61270495690759421281625584274655657260868460760319\ 84148279798226031515626369211302403342844679615718\ 89932818295946719878617880436942056883525512583193\ 82990948318104995562451058991269657342906712744287\ 91298474527796793829737067915624465318975470874259\ 86588524363443732340572982308396576265269454435373\ 89794263118791352651075907649398992427331262743457\ 5416399632333003427844564182540621165072646771998059

Can you factor the above 402 digit number? It is composed of two large prime numbers. The first correct factorisation sent to webmaster@mathematik.com wins 100 US Dollars.

Finding algoritms to factor large numbers is a mathematical challenge. RSA crytology is based on the fact that it is difficult to factor a say 402 digit integer which is the product of two large primes of 201 digits. Still, a lucky hit is always possible. You can try your luck rsp. your software at the above challenge.
See the book "Prime Numbers and Computer Methods for Factorisation" by H. Riesel, Birkhäuser Verlag, for some factorisation algorithms.

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